My Balcony Garden

Nobody would deny that I do NOT have a green thumb. But I do enjoy having flowers on my balcony, and homegrown tomatoes are a must in the summer. So while Mom was here over spring break, we planted several plants. They make my balcony so cheerful, and since I love spending time out there this time of year, it's like my own personal sanctuary.

Like last year, I bought a tomato plant that was bigger than many and already had a number of yellow flowers and even tiny maters. Since then, I've got even more tomatoes and the others are definitely growing. My mouth waters every time I think about it!
We also planted a pot of two different colors/types of daisies. I have no idea what kind they are, but they're so pretty and colorful and happy and photogenic.

In another pot I did my usual big assortment of flowers. I really enjoyed the lemon zest petunias last year so I planted them again, surrounded with red verbena and white alyssum and a big spike in the middle. Right now it's not very full, but I'm sure when those petunias get going, it'll be fabulous.

The most exciting part for me was finding bluebonnet plants at Home Depot. So I have my own little bluebonnet patch on my balcony! But that will be another post in itself. So for now, enjoy these last pics of my balcony garden. I'm sure I will be enjoying it a lot this spring/summer.


Amie V said…
i love your garden balcony. especially the tomato plants... ;)
Barb said…
And guess what... i now have 2 red tomatoes, probably ready to pick tomorrow! Yippee!
Amie V said…
niiiice. were they delicious?
Barb said…
they were yummy! can't wait for more.

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