Saturday, April 21, 2018

Enchant Texas

I found out in late autumn that Texas was going to be home to the world's largest light maze this Christmas season, Enchant Texas, and I knew I had to be a part of it. Genny and I bought tickets for what turned out to be a frigid night. Enchant took place in the parking lot of the Texas Rangers stadium, so there wasn't much opportunity to get warm. We ate a quick dinner from the food trucks - I couldn't stop shivering - but warmed up a little as we walked around exploring the light maze. We finally had to get hot chocolate in order to thaw out. 
Enchant even included an ice skating rink! But we decided it was too cold to skate. Instead, we walked across the bridge over the rink, and then set out to explore the maze. And it really was a maze - we got quite turned around at certain points, especially as we hunted for the 9 reindeer hidden throughout the maze.
This light tree was incredible!
One of the cool features was these snowflake sculptures scattered throughout, looking like they were coming out of the ground. Oh, and it was snowing at various points throughout the maze - so fun!

We enjoyed walking through the light tunnel - we were literally covered in lights! There were also large red lighted ornaments scattered throughout, some of which we could walk through. 
Perhaps one of my favorite features of Enchant was the forest of light spires. They were so tall and beautiful - pictures just couldn't capture how incredible this part of the maze was. 
We loved walking through the strings of lights - it was so beautiful! Genny spent a little time untangling the strands.  
One of the most popular features of the light maze was the search for all nine reindeer. It took us a while, but we found them all! They were huge - much larger than we expected, much taller than us.  
Reindeer #1
Reindeer #2 - Prancer, my favorite
Reindeer #3 and snow!
Reindeer #4
Reindeer #5
Reindeer #6
Reindeer #7
Reindeer #8
Reindeer #9 - Rudolph!

We found them all!
What a fun night celebrating my favorite season with one of my dearest friends! I love having friends who share many of my same interests. We walked around the maze taking pictures and selfies, laughing and admiring the lights, singing along with the Christmas music, loving the snow, and just enjoying a really pleasant evening together. Even though it was really cold, that just made it even better! 

Thanksgiving 2017

For Thanksgiving, we were supposed to go to Alabama to visit Mamaw. Unfortunately, Mamaw, Brenda, and Mike all ended up sick and told us not to come. So we quickly shifted gears, picked up a ham and made some Thanksgiving non-negotiables (butter beans, buttered potatoes, rolls, cranberry relish), and had Thanksgiving lunch just the four of us at home. It was a relaxing day - we spent some time outside, perused the sales ads, went up to Starr's Mill to take some family photos, and even did a quick early-Black-Friday trip to Best Buy for my new phone.
On Black Friday, Mom and Dad had a funeral so Ben and I did a little shopping. We found these fun "Team Naughty" and "Team Nice" shirts at Academy. Ben insisted he was "Team Nice", so I proved that I was actually the nice one by letting him be nice and wearing the naughty shirt myself. :) 
Of course, one of our Thanksgiving-week traditions is to decorate the house for Christmas. Mom and I decorated the tree in our matching "Merry & Bright" shirts that I got as a surprise for her (Ben helped a little). We were able to get the whole village set out and even put up the outside lights in the beautiful Saturday weather.
The finished product, beautifully decorated