Monday, January 11, 2016

The Road to #16

Alabama is playing in the National Championship game tonight against Clemson. Right now it's tied at 14-14, and Bama is struggling to drive with less than a minute to go before half-time. So to take my mind off of what is a very nerve-wracking game, I'm looking back at a season's worth of game-day photos with me and my Bama- loving pup. Well, to be honest, he probably doesn't love Bama as much as I do. Every time I yell or cheer tonight, Brodie groans - I must be disturbing his rest. Regardless, it has been a fun season cheering for the Crimson Tide, with only one loss very early on. So the Tide is still Rolling down the Road to #16, albeit a little unsteadily at the moment.

9.5 vs. Wisconsin - love his silly smile
9.5 vs. Wisconsin
9.12 vs Middle Tennessee State
9.19 vs. Ole Miss - a sad day
9.26 vs. Louisiana Monroe
10.3 vs Georgia
10.3 vs Georgia - A House Divided
10.3 vs Georgia
10.10 vs Arkansas
10.17 vs A&M - the day I barely watched the game
and ended up in the ER that night
10.24 vs Tennessee
11.7 vs LSU
11.14 vs Mississippi State
No gameday pic for the 11.21 game vs Charleston Southern as I was traveling to GA

11.28 vs Auburn - no Brodie in this one, since I was
at my grandparents' house for Thanksgiving
12.5 vs Florida - SEC Championship
12.31 vs Michigan State - Championship Playoff

In the time it's taken me to write/format this post, Clemson missed a field goal so we went into halftime tied at 14-14. But Bama's known for making great adjustments during the second half, so I think we'll see a strong Bama team come back out on the field. Let's keep it close and bring home Championship #16, boys! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Catching Up: A Year in Review

Whew! I can't believe it's been over a year since I blogged! My last post was Brodie's 5th birthday, and a week ago we celebrated his 6th birthday. Crazy! So get ready for lots of pictures, because this is going to be a full year in review...

September 2014
Went to the Plano Balloon Festival 
and helped set up Rocky's balloon
 Usually September Rangers games are HOT, 
but this one was cool and rainy
 Went to Wags and Waves with Shawn and Zoey

October 2014 
Bama football season - Roll Tide Roll!
 Went on the Cambridge College Trip to Georgia
 Started trying to learn how to play the guitar
 Went to the State Fair of Texas with Chaney

November 2014 
Decorated my apartment for Christmas,
including my Bama tree
Thanksgiving in Alabama, 
including Publix Thanksgiving dinner in a box
 Helped Mom decorate for Christmas 

 December 2014
Had some fun dressing Brodie up for Christmas
 Took Brodie to Fort Worth to see Santa 
 Went to the Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas concert with Genny 
 Christmas in Georgia at Mom's house 
 Family photos on Christmas Day at Starr's Mill 

January 2015
Road trip back to Texas 
Scrap the Super Bowl with Genny
 "Helped" Genny make butterbeer cupcakes for my birthday

 February 2015
 Snow Day walk with Brodie - 
finally, a real winter!

 March 2015
Another great snow...
Wait, March?
 Spring Break in Georgia,
including a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium 
Cheering on the Rangers

April 2015
Colton took me to WinStar World Casino on Easter weekend - 
my first time gambling! I didn't do very well. :)
 Easter fun with Brodie 
No trip to Ennis this year, but Brodie and I found a small
patch of bluebonnets for some cute photos. 
Drove to Alabama for Rachel's wedding 
While in Alabama, drove up to Madison to see Mamaw and Papaw.
Mom, Dad, and Ben drove over too, so we had a quick one-day visit.

May 2015 
 Bark in the Park with Brodie and Kathy
 Weeks of rain caused lots of flooding in Texas.
Even our canals were flooded! 
 Helped out as the Musical Director for the 
Cambridge production of Les Miserables
 Another Cambridge graduation in the books!
Four students from my very first 8th grade class graduated

June 2015
After working hard for most of the month,
Brodie and I road-tripped to Georgia for a 3-week vacation

July 2015
Fourth of July - we're a patriotic family!
 Spent much of my 3-week vacation 
hanging out with the family in the pool
 Visited Stone Mountain for a fun family adventure

And finally, full circle to
August 2015
Brodie's 6th birthday

Whew, that was quite the journey! It's been a fun year. And now that school has started up for the 2015-16 academic year, I'm sure there will be many more adventures to share. Hopefully it won't take me another year to blog them. :)