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Christmas 2018

It's mid-October, and I'm just now blogging last Christmas. Wow! As with most years, we spent Christmas in Augusta, GA with my Aunt Kathy's family. On Christmas Adam (12/23), we decided to drive an hour away to the Christmas in Hopeland lights display in Aiken, SC. We got there, stood in line for an hour in the cold, rode the shuttle to the gardens, and it started to rain as we got in line to get some hot chocolate. We saw one Christmas tree, stood in another 1/2 hour line for the shuttle back to the parking lot, and were frozen and drenched by the time we got back. That was a long night for one Christmas tree! We did manage to take some fun pics in the rain with our light-up necklaces.  It's our family tradition to play games on Christmas Eve. This year's "Reindeer Games" included a ring toss onto inflatable antlers and stuffing pantyhose with balloons to form antlers. We also tried to pick up candy canes with another candy cane in our mouth - not as ea…

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