Friday, February 28, 2014

Sights around my office

These first three photos were taken in November 2012, shortly after I moved into this new office. Compared to my old closet, this office is amazingly big! And I love it. :) 

Today, I started looking around and noticed a number of items that reflect my personality and who I am, and some of them made me laugh. So, here's a quick look around my office at what makes me me...

Salted caramel candle on a candle warmer (no open flames)

Pictures, scrapbooking, Brodie, and cards

SWBTS diplomas and dissertation

Houndstooth and Scripture

Pictures of my family and favorite pup

Pen/pencil holder made by my dad

Alabama diploma and a picture of the Crimson Tide

coaster rug from Dubai and fun mug from Target :)

And this is what made me laugh - a salt shaker that has a permanent spot on my desk!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day from me and my furry Valentine!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

I LOVE the Olympics! I look forward to them every two years. I love the pageantry of the Opening Ceremony, the stories of the athletes, and sitting on pins and needles to see how the Americans fare in their various events. During the Olympics, I do my best not to see any results until the footage airs each night - no spoilers please! And I literally watch every night. It's hard to say whether I prefer the winter or summer games, but I think my favorite is winter. All the skiing, skating, luge, and snowboarding events just amaze me. Perhaps it's because as a child I lived just a couple of hours from Lake Placid (which held the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics), and learned to ski and love all things winter there. That's where I first saw ski-jumping, and I have always wanted to try that!

So tonight, Brodie and I will be snuggled on the couch, trying to stay warm and watching the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi, Russia and cheering on Team USA. Let the Games Begin!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10th Annual Scrap the Superbowl Party

This weekend, Genny and I enjoyed our Tenth Annual Scrap the Superbowl Party. Ten years! It's hard to believe I haven't watched a Superbowl since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in 2004. Since then, Genny and I "scrap" (forget) the Superbowl and "scrap" (scrapbook) the Superbowl every year. Some years we've been at the church and other friends have joined us, but most years we scrap at Genny's house, just the two of us or maybe one of her girls with us. I did miss 2007 when I was living in Scotland, but Genny and Abigail made sure to scrap it without me. Scrap the Superbowl is one of my favorite traditions, and the fact that this was our tenth year just reinforces how special Genny's friendship is to me. Here's to many more years of scrapping the Superbowl, Genny!

Appropriate - a scrapbook page of our FIRST annual
Scrap the Superbowl Party
TENTH annual!
A few other pics from over the years...

(By the way, Genny, did you notice how your hair got shorter through the years, while mine got longer?)