Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Star Is Born!

My famous boy! Brodie became a star today on the NBC DFW news. They do a segment each day in the summer called the "Dog Days of Summer," and today Brodie's photo was featured. Check out the video below:

View more videos at:

If you like seeing fun dog pictures, check out the full gallery here. I'll have to send in more cute Brodie pictures throughout the summer. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun in Black & White

I love how this photo captures my sweet pup's fun-loving personality .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bark in the Park

I have to say, I am a fan of the Texas Rangers organization. They held an event at the ballpark last night called "Bark in the Park," where over 700 dogs--of all shapes and size--and their owners showed up to cheer on the Rangers. I have to say, my little guy was the cutest of them all. And I'm not biased at all. He didn't win the "best dressed" contest, though - some owners REALLY went all out!
Photo courtesy of Texas Rangers
So Brodie and I met my friend Carrie and her dog Scout at the ballpark, and quickly got in line for the  puppy parade on the field. That's right, ON the FIELD! It was pretty cool to be down there - we walked around the entire field, not on the grass though Brodie sure tried to christen it. Mike Napoli was in the dugout when we walked by - we were really close - but the security guy wouldn't let me stop long enough for my camera focus so the picture turned out really blurry. :( Still, it was neat! 
"Please mom, let me christen that pretty green grass!"

Hanging out in front of home plate.
Scout and Brodie parading on the field
After the parade we headed up to our seats, out in left center field on the second deck. They were quite decent seats, and we had lots of room because each dog got two seats. I guess that was to give some extra space in case the dogs were territorial. When we first got to our seats, the section was almost empty, so we took the opportunity to take a few pictures. The sun was really intense for that first hour. Poor Brodie - I think he wanted to take off his fur coat! 
That sun was bright and intense!
Two friends, just chilling...
Once the game started and the sun went down a little, it was a really nice night. I think the dogs really had fun. It was so funny - when the crowd erupted cheering for whatever reason, or when the Rangers hit their one homerun in the 9th inning, one dog would bark and the rest would join in. I laughed so hard! Hey, they don't call it "Bark in the Park" for nothing... 
My FAVORITE pic - he's smiling!
Josh Hamilton!

What a fun night at the Ballpark with my favorite little guy! He had so much fun he was WORN OUT when we left. Carrie and I are already making plans to go again next year. Maybe the Rangers will win next time...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Texas Rangers "Pitch-Fest" (Otherwise known as the longest Rangers game ever)

Let's just start this post by saying the Texas Rangers are HOT right now, with the best record in baseball. And with our new Japanese pitcher, Yu Darvish, going up against former Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson, last night's game was the hottest pitcher in town. But thanks to one of my coworkers, whose daughter works for the Rangers, I was able to get tickets! Sarah, Rachel, Kathy, and I met in Arlington and quickly headed to the ballpark for a night of baseball and fun.

It was a beautiful night for a baseball game, and the Rangers quickly took a 1-nothing lead with Darvish working his magic on the mound.

And then, the rain that had been predicted all day hit with a vengeance. At first we only saw it on the other side of the ballpark, and then it seemed to almost swirl around the stadium until it reached us in far left field. We quickly moved under cover and waited it out - for nearly 2 hours!

But finally, the rain ended and they rolled back the tarp and literally shoveled up the water from the outfield. And then, the players came back on the field and the game resumed. Unfortunately, CJ Wilson decided not to return to the game. But Yu Darvish came back out and pitched nearly 6 full innings. And Josh Hamilton is on fire, hitting 2 home runs last night (after a recent game in which he hit 4 in one game!). It really was a great game, and the Rangers won 10 to 3! We stayed til the very end, and it was after midnight when the game was finally over.

One of the main reasons my friends and I usually choose to go to Friday night Rangers games is because of the post-game fireworks show. But since it was after midnight, we chose not to stick around for the fireworks (and if you know how much I love fireworks, you'll understand how hard that was for me!). Instead, we headed out to the car as soon as the game ended. But I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the fireworks over the ballpark as we walked. 

It was a really great night, made even better by the Rangers' win, but BOY was I tired when I finally made it home after 1:00 in the morning!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

As if Rachel and I didn't get enough outside/festival time in Ennis at the Bluebonnet Festival, we made plans on the way home to meet Norman and Amanda for some fun in downtown Fort Worth at the Main Street Arts Festival. I love downtown Fort Worth - it is such a unique blend of western and modern, with a dose of southern hospitality thrown in. Traffic was insane, so it took a long time to get down there, but once there we wandered through the booths looking at cool and unusual artwork, ate festival food (which wasn't really good), and enjoyed the nice weather and each other's company. 

We had some lovely views of my favorite building
in Fort Worth - Bass Hall

Our favorite art booth featured these moving metal animal statues. 
Of course, I liked the elephant best. :)

It was a fun evening with good friends in a city that still feels like home.

A Blanket of Bluebonnets

A few weekends ago, Rachel, Brodie and I headed south for our third annual trip to the Ennis Bluebonnet Festival (well, last year was Brodie's first time...). With such a mild winter and rainy spring, the wildflowers bloomed EARLY this year, and they were GORGEOUS! I was afraid they wouldn't last until the Bluebonnet Festival, but we were lucky. There weren't as many places to actually get IN the flowers this year, but the fields were amazing, just covered in a blanket of blue with random spots of coral indian paintbrush. I borrowed this first picture from facebook because it really shows the bluebonnet coverage - AMAZING!

When we got to Ennis, we walked around the actual festival in the middle of the old-town sqaure, got our map to the best bluebonnet viewing locations, and headed out driving into the country. Oh my, it was a gorgeous day and we all loved it. We would roll the window down for Brodie and he would stick his head out and relish in the warm sun and the wind. What a funny boy! After driving for a while, gazing at the fields of blue, we made a few stops and took some pictures in front of the flowers - unfortunately they were all behind fences so we couldn't get in them. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the back of my SUV, since there was no place to sit outside, and then continued on our drive.

Finally, we came across a patch of bluebonnets outside of the fences, big enough to take pictures in, and far enough off the road that we weren't afraid we'd get hit. So we parked and began our photoshoot. Yes, we changed clothes (even Brodie!), yes, we had fun, and no, no bluebonnets were harmed in the making of these photos.
We finished up the day back at the festival, shopping at the craft booths, enjoying the warmth, and snacking on a twister-tater and snowcone. What a fabulous day!