Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fort Worth Water Gardens

After our bluebonnet adventure, Amy and I met up with Amanda and headed to the Water Gardens in downtown Fort Worth. I had never been there at night, and was impressed with how pretty it was all lit up. The first thing we did was walk down into the main fountain. It is so cool! But we were all a little nervous walking down those slick steps, afraid we were going to fall. We didn't fall in though, thankfully.

Then we climbed up to the top of "the mountain," where Amanda was silly and we found a "skinny spot" (a ledge that hid our hips) and we took more pics.

After climbing back down the mountain, we headed to another fountain that was meant to look like stepping stones. I don't know that it succeeded, but it was certainly cool. I enjoyed playing with the different settings on my camera and seeing how changing one setting made the picture look entirely different.

Finally, we headed over to the quiet pool, where we were not so quiet as we became even more silly as the night went on.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with these girls, enjoying the nice spring weather before a cold front came through and made it feel like winter again. And, if you haven't been to the Water Gardens, let me recommend that you do so, both in the daylight and the dark.

Texas Bluebonnets, 2009 Edition

Thursday after work, after a couple of cool, rainy days, the sun was out, the weather was warm, and I was ready to be outside. Amy had never seen bluebonnets, and it's bluebonnet season, so we decided to get Chick-fil-A, go find a patch of bluebonnets, and have a picnic and take pictures.

Well, that turned out to be easier said than done. We drove toward Benbrook Lake, but saw no flowers. Meanwhile, the fries were getting cold, so we pulled them out and had half of our picnic in the car. I mean, cold french fries is a crime! We finally ended up on I-35 headed south, and pulled off at a rest area to eat the rest of our picnic before continuing on our quest.

A little south of Burleson we started seeing patches of bluebonnets on the sides of the interstate, but we didn't really feel comfortable just pulling off on the side of the road to take pictures. So we took the frontage road and found a nice patch that was just perfect for our purposes. It wasn't nearly as big as some of the pictures suggest, but we had a good time taking lots of pics and just enjoying the warm spring weather and the Texas state flower.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Clouds

With the storms today in the DFW area, we had some really crazy clouds. I have never in my life seen clouds like these! I was driving back to work after lunch when I first saw them, and snapped a couple of pics when I got out of the car (though what I could see at that point wasn't nearly as cool as a bit further down the road). Then, a little later after a phonecall from Amy urging me to take advantage of the photo op, I took a quick walk back outside to take a few more pics. My pics aren't nearly as impressive as those my friends took, though. I'm thinking the clouds must have been even more amazing in the Hulen and Arlington areas, because the clouds in these pics are awesome. Only God could be this creative, and He was certainly showing off his creativity and power today!

Pics below courtesy of Jessica (first 4), Amy (5-7), and Becky (last 2)

check out the purply light on the horizon - so wierd!