Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Memorial Day Adventure

On Monday, some friends and I decided we needed a Memorial Day adventure. It was an absolutely gorgeous (although HOT) day, and we wanted to be outside. So we piled into my SUV and headed down to Glenrose, TX (about an hour from here) for some fun in the sun. First stop, lunch at a really good barbeque restaurant. We got TONS of food. Then we hit the Rock Park along with what looked to be at least half the population of Glenrose. People were sitting in the stream, splashing in the little waterfall, and swimming in the muddy "pool". We wandered around on the rocks and in the ankle-deep stream for a while. The bottom was really slimy, but the water was refreshing, at least.
Amanda trying to catch a minnow
We then wandered into the historic little town of Glenrose, which is so cute and quaint. We ventured into a variety of little antique shops, enjoyed a Dublin Dr. Pepper, and even had a Wild West photo taken. It was a lot of fun, though I don't know how women survived in those days. Those dresses are HOT! Amie, look closely - you'd be so proud! :)
Finally, we headed to Dinosaur Valley State Park, where we hiked along the river and looked for dinosaur tracks. They're actually really easy to see - how cool!
We even stopped on the side of the road a couple of times to take photos of the Texas country. And we capped the day off with a nice refreshing limeade from Sonic on the way home. It was a fabulous day - five friends in a car for a Memorial Day adventure.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Week in Wet Disney World, Day 6 - Magic Kingdom, SpectroMagic, and Fireworks

Our last full day in Orlando dawned bright and sunny, and so we eagerly headed to Magic Kingdom for what we just knew was going to be a beautiful, fun-filled day. Again, not so much. It started out nice, but during the Move It! Shake It! Street Party it started drizzling. Well, that was NOTHING compared to the storm that hit while we were in the Carousel of Progress. It didn't matter that we took shelter unter a ledge - we were all soaked because the high winds were blowing the rain in. It was like a hurricane! Before the storm hit we did manage to ride a few rides, like the Carousel of Progress, the Astro Orbiter, the Tomorrowland Speedway, and Buzz Lightyear. But we all agreed that the rain was too much, and so we headed out of the park to get a late lunch and pray that the rain would stop.

Turns out, our prayers were answered. The sky brightened up again, and we headed back to the park for a few more rides and to watch the SpectroMagic light parade and Wishes Fireworks Spectacular. We did "It's A Small World" and the teacups again, and Ben, Dad, and I rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets while Mom saw the Country Bear Jamboree one last time. Then we staked out our spot for the SpectroMagic parade. Dad brought his twisty tripod, so we twisted it around a lightpole and set my SLR camera up, hoping for some good pics. It was funny to see the looks on people's faces as they saw the camera hanging from the pole and tried to figure out how that worked. We all enjoyed the light parade, including Dad, who had a funny experience with one of the characters. Oh, and as it got dark the castle lights came on and started changing colors. I think I got a pic of the castle in every shade!
Finally it was time for the fireworks! We headed into the castle forecourt area so we could see both the fireworks and the castle. It was amazing! The fireworks were timed with the music, the castle changed colors to fit the mood, and there were so many different types of fireworks. So cool! I had a blast watching it, and also snapping as many pics as possible. I'll warn you, there are a lot. But it was so much fun! And the finale was incredible! Disney certainly has fireworks down to an art!

If you're interested in watching part of the fireworks display, I've embedded a youtube video below. I hope it works! All in all, it was a fabulous trip to Walt Disney World, and I'm so thankful I got to experience it all with my family. We will certainly have some great memories from the whole adventure.