Monday, April 29, 2013

Bluebonnet Hunting 2013

It has become a tradition for Rachel, Brodie and me to go to the Ennis Bluebonnet Festival every April. It's so much fun to explore God's beautiful creation and hang out at the festival on Main Street. This year, though, Rachel was out of town the weekend of the festival. I thought I wasn't going to get my bluebonnet fix! But then I came up with the idea of heading down to Ennis after Rachel got off work this past Saturday. With sunset getting later and later, we still had a couple of hours to drive along the back roads and hang out in the gorgeous blue flowers. Seriously - you can't match that color! Only God can create it! It was a wonderful evening - bluebonnet springs are one of my favorite things about Texas.
This cracks me up! Rachel looks like she's about to fuss at Brodie for taking a pit-stop.
Smiley puppy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013 (aka the final catch-up post)

I was blessed to spend Easter weekend with the Holmes family - it was just like old times! Brodie and I drove down Friday afternoon in time to visit a little while before the Good Friday service. Brodie spent most of the weekend outside, reveling in the fact that he had a whole yard to explore and squirrels to tree. He had a blast! Genny, Abigail, and I dyed eggs after church Friday night, each trying to create the perfect masterpiece. We experimented this year by using kool-aid to color the eggs - it worked pretty well, though we did have to supplement with a traditional dye kit to get blue, green, and purple. The kool-aid sure SMELLED better than the vinegar though! Genny and I literally scrapbooked all day on Saturday (I'm really behind in the scrapbooks too - just now working on 2009!), and then of course Sunday morning was church. We took a few pics of us all dressed up before lunch, and had to get a couple of shots of the girls with the Easter Brodie before we headed home Easter afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend with great friends.

Passing the Defense!

Pictures of the flowers my mom and Annie sent me and the Cambridge facebook post after I passed my defense. 

Painting with a Twist

This year, Rachel and I decided not to buy each other Christmas or birthday gifts. Instead, because our birthdays are so close together, we decided to do something fun together that we wouldn't normally do. We purchased tickets to Painting with a Twist, a local shop that teaches amateur painters to create a masterpiece in 2-3 hours. We chose to do "Paint Your Pet" and chose pics of Brodie and Buster (Rachel's rabbit) to paint. It was SO MUCH FUN! I want to go back and do another one, even though I really wasn't that good at it. I've never really painted like this, and was quite out of my element. Thanks for a great birthday celebration evening, Rachel! 

Bama Wins Again!

After a tumultuous college football season in which we thought all hope of a repeat National Championship was Bama was gone when Texas A&M beat us (boo!), losses by the top teams late in the season put us right back in the race. When I created my Christmas card (below), it was in hopes that we would win the SEC Championship game and move on to the big one... but nothing was guaranteed.

Thankfully, we beat Georgia at the last minute in the SEC Championship (what a GREAT game!), and had the opportunity to play Notre Dame for the national title in January. Though Notre Dame was definitely the underdog, many people thought Bama would be overly confident and ultimately lose, and most of the nation's non-SEC fans were definitely pulling against Bama. Not in my house, though! Brodie and I watched the game together, decked out in crimson and houndstooth. And it was no contest - Bama was completely in control of the game, and came out the victors in their unprecedented 15th National Championship! ROLL TIDE!
The SEC is definitely dominant right now! And check that out -
3 of the last 4 National Championships are BAMA!