Bluebonnet Hunting 2013

It has become a tradition for Rachel, Brodie and me to go to the Ennis Bluebonnet Festival every April. It's so much fun to explore God's beautiful creation and hang out at the festival on Main Street. This year, though, Rachel was out of town the weekend of the festival. I thought I wasn't going to get my bluebonnet fix! But then I came up with the idea of heading down to Ennis after Rachel got off work this past Saturday. With sunset getting later and later, we still had a couple of hours to drive along the back roads and hang out in the gorgeous blue flowers. Seriously - you can't match that color! Only God can create it! It was a wonderful evening - bluebonnet springs are one of my favorite things about Texas.
This cracks me up! Rachel looks like she's about to fuss at Brodie for taking a pit-stop.
Smiley puppy!


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