Catching Up - Christmas 2012 (in April 2013!)

Wow, I am WAY behind on my blog! I attribute that to putting all my effort into finally finishing the dissertation. So now that the final round of edits are (hopefully) completed, I am taking advantage of a sick day to post about everything that has happened since Christmas. Yes, Christmas! Ready? Let's go!

We had a rather laid-back holiday this year at Kathy and David's house in Augusta. We didn't do many of our normal traditions. The Christmas Eve party was minimal, we didn't go to Christmas Eve service, and the cousins didn't go to a movie on Christmas day. Instead, we just enjoyed spending time together, laughing at and playing with Layton, Lacey, and Brodie, playing games, and of course eating. From the time we arrived on the day before Christmas to the time we left on the day after Christmas, I only left Kathy's house to chase Brodie around the neighborhood after he slipped out the open door. In my book, that's a nice, relaxing time! Here are some fun pics from our holiday.
Did I neglect to mention that all the girls (and Phillip!) had matching "Ho Ho Ho" pajamas? Oh yes, we did!
Layton's big gift - a red Jeep, complete with working radio!
Totally surprised to receive an iPad for Christmas!
David and I played a LOT of Boggle - it's tradition!

 And a few pics from the rest of my Christmas vacation at home in Georgia...


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