Friday, September 19, 2008

Soccer with "The B Team"

The School of Theology staff (and one professor) formed an intramural soccer team - called "The B Team". Now, I am NOT playing! I figured I got hurt enough in softball, and didn't even have to run much then. I would get seriously hurt in soccer. But I am the team's official photographer.

Last night was the first game. We got beat 0-4, but everyone had fun. We did have one injury. Poor Rachel somehow twisted her knee, and so she's on the DL for the rest of the season. She will still return to coach the team though. Anyway, check out for some fun pics of the team, as well as the smallest fans (you know me, I can't resist taking photos of children). Here's a small sampling below:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sharing old photos

While I was in College Station this weekend, Bonnie shared with me a bunch of really old pictures, from when we lived in Germany (we moved there when I was 3 months old, returned when I was 4 years old). Both the Elbels and my parents have a TON of slides of our families together from our time there, and Bonnie spent a lot of time this summer converting their slides to digital pics. They are so fun, I just have to share some.

me and Mom
me, Mom, and Dad
Dad, Mom, Bonnie, and David, heading to a military ball
me and Mom

me and Bonnie

Bonnie, me, and Mom
my birthday

mom holding Bonnie and David's son, Brian me and Brian me and some other kid
Dad's change of command
Bonnie and Brian
Bonnie, Dad, Mom, and me

These last few are on a trip to the beach and Disney World with my grandparents on a vacation home from Germany.

Nana and Papa Me and Brian
Mom, me, Nana, and Brianme and Papamom and Brian
Thanks for joining me on this stroll down Memory Lane - well, I guess I don't technically remember these events, but it's fun nonetheless. My, how we've all changed in the last 25-30 years!

Weekend in Aggieland

This weekend I went to College Station to visit the Elbel family, friends who have known me longer than anyone other than my family. Our families lived in Germany together when I was an infant, and my parents and the Elbels have remained best friends since then. I decided to spend the long Labor Day weekend hanging out with them, and we had a great time. An extra bonus was the fact that their daughter, Kathrin, and her husband, David, arrived about an hour after I did on Friday, and so I was able to hang out with them all weekend too! We went walking and Bonnie showed us her classroom; Kathrin and I made some cute wooden decorations for Bonnie's classroom door; we did a little shopping and a lot of talking; we looked at old photos and my Scotland pics; David made fantastic meals and we ate a LOT; we played with Kathrin's dog Ebby; we went to the A&M football game (they lost); and we watched the end of the Alabama game (they won - Roll Tide!). It was a great weekend, and I am thankful to have such lifelong friends.