Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival

I just realized I never blogged about the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival!

About a month ago, my friend Ashley and I headed up to Plano to the balloon festival on a gorgeous (but warm!) Saturday afternoon. We wandered around checking out the various craft and vendor booths, had yummy fair food including a spudzilla, and watched the balloons be inflated and fly. It was amazing! I have always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon. I didn't get the chance this year, but I'm hopeful for next year's festival. But the balloons were beautiful, even from afar. The colors were so incredibly vibrant, and watching them rise in the air and fly over us was so cool!
The best part was once it started getting dark. The field was filled with balloons, and after they were inflated, they let the crowds walk out among them while they lit them up against the night sky. It was awesome! They would give a countdown over the loud speaker, and then all the balloons would light up at once. At other times they did a strobe, flickering effect. Amazing! The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks show - unfortunately both of my camera batteries died, so I didn't get any photos of the fireworks, but the day was definitely a success in my mind.
And check out these amazing photos by a couple of professional photographers. Someday I hope to have the talent and equipment to take photos like these:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Before & After

I had Brodie groomed today. He was looking a little shaggy. So shaggy, in fact, that I spiked his hair this morning with a little mousse - hah!

This is the "before" picture -

And this is "after" - he looks like a completely different dog! He must have lost 2 pounds just in hair. He is no longer "all head" and you can actually see his eyes! He really looks like a Westie now - I actually wonder if he's a mix at all.

What a sweet boy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Resting Place

Brodie has taken to climbing onto the back of the couch, which is really quite narrow. Today, he fell between the back of the sofa and the cushion. It startled him at first, and then he just settled in and quite enjoyed it back there. I actually had to coax him out, but not until I took a few sweet photos, of course.

State Fair of Texas - 2010 Edition

"Howdy, Folks!" Welcome to the State Fair of Texas 2010, where Big Tex stood as tall as always, where the football game and warm weather brought the crowds out in droves, where it was sometimes so packed you could barely move, where the fried- and downright-odd foods were abundant, where the Texas Star ferris wheel was in extremely high demand, where the lights shown bright like the stars at night deep in the heart of Texas.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cheering for the Crimson Tide

Brodie and I have had a great time cheering for the Crimson Tide this year. Being the defending National Champions is quite nervewracking, because everyone wants to see us fall. But so far my boys are playing just as well as last year. This week especially was exciting because we KILLED Florida, who were supposedly our top competition in the SEC. Woohoo! Roll Tide!
Brodie's not such a big fan of the Bama shakers though. I start shaking and he starts chomping, trying to catch it. He'll get used to them, though. I anticipate a lot more cheering with the shakers as this season continues. Roll Tide!