Before & After

I had Brodie groomed today. He was looking a little shaggy. So shaggy, in fact, that I spiked his hair this morning with a little mousse - hah!

This is the "before" picture -

And this is "after" - he looks like a completely different dog! He must have lost 2 pounds just in hair. He is no longer "all head" and you can actually see his eyes! He really looks like a Westie now - I actually wonder if he's a mix at all.

What a sweet boy!


The Glenn Gang said…
He is such a beautiful dog!
Genny said…
Awwww..I kinda liked him scruffy!
Barb said…
I liked him scruffy too, but it was getting out of control. But don't worry, it's already growing back.

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