Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival

The coolest new attraction at the State Fair this year was the Chinese Lantern Festival around the lagoon. Just the entryway was enough to get me excited about seeing it, but Rachel and I knew we wanted to wait until dark to get the full effect. It was a bit pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. 

The festival featured 22 different lantern exhibitions, including the Statue of Liberty, giant pandas, lotus flowers, longhorns, musical ants, a temple, and even a giant dragon made out of over 15,000 porcelain dishes! It was amazing! All the lights were glowing and reflecting off the lagoon, and just made me smile. I loved taking photos of it all, until my camera battery died. :-/ What an amazing exhibit!

A State Fair without Big Tex

Rachel and I go to the State Fair of Texas every year. This year we planned to go on the last Friday of the fair, since we both had the day off. This is the sight that usually greets you on the main strip of the fair...

Unfortunately, Big Tex caught fire the morning that we were planning to go. Facebook was CRAZY with everybody talking about it, making jokes like "I guess EVERYTHING at the State Fair of TX is fried, even Big Tex!" It was sad - they said there was an electrical issue that caused him to catch fire.

By the time we got there mid-afternoon, they had taken down the remnants of Big Tex - but there were news trucks and policemen all around the hill where he once stood. But we didn't let the sad events of the day get us down. It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, and we had a great time visiting all our favorite attractions like the petting zoo, car show (especially Rachel's corvettes), and the craft tents. I, of course, had fun taking pictures, especially of the ferris wheel. Rachel wouldn't ride with me (afraid of heights), but I could at least take pictures! 
Me in front of Big Tex's "hill"
Rachel, oblivious that the baby camel is about to grab a chunk of her hair and PULL!
A "zedonk"!
Bagpipe-playing cowboy, or jeans-wearing piper? Either way, it's a bit strange.

Of course, you can't go to the State Fair without eating fried food. Our favorite tradition is the twister tator, so that was our first snack of the day. Before we left, we split a fried bacon cinnamon roll - it just tasted like a thick funnel cake with bacon bits on top. I didn't taste much of the cinnamon. But it was okay...

It was a really great day, in spite of the craziness with Big Tex. So long, big guy! I hear they're going to rebuild you for next year, so see you soon...