Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Promise of Christmas

Last Sunday night, Rachel, Stephen and I drove down to Glen Rose to see The Promise of Christmas, a special presentation by the people who do The Promise each year. It was a free presentation in the outdoor ampitheater - and boy, was it cold! We all bundled up with longjohns, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, anything that would keep us warm, and braved the cold to see the show. Driving down, the sunset was incredible and I couldn't resist snapping a few pics through the windows. The show itself was really good, but it wasn't quite long enough. It took us an hour to get there, and the show itself was only 45 minutes long. I really wish it had been longer, but then again, it was COLD out there! Anyway, the show tells the Christmas story - here are a few of the photos from the evening.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Miss Morgan

Last Saturday my friend Alissa and her husband had to go to a wedding in Plano, so they asked if I would be willing to babysit their two-month-old baby, Morgan - oh, and also to take some Christmas pictures of her. Well, who could turn down an offer like that?! I got a few pictures of their family all dressed up, as well as several individual shots of Morgan in various Christmas outfits. I was really pleased with how they turned out. Morgan was a great baby to keep - she only cried when she was hungry, which was most of the time she was awake. :) Brodie was REALLY curious about her - he climbed up and put his head on my shoulder while I was feeding her, and when she cried he wanted to be right there next to her. He was also rather jealous, but did fairly well except when he barked and woke her up.

Christmas in Fort Worth

Last Saturday after babysitting Morgan (another post on that is coming), I drove down to Fort Worth to celebrate Christmas with my Fort Worth family - the Cypress singles of Wedgwood. We had a progressive dinner (I missed the first house but made it in time for the main course) and did a variation on the white elephant gift. Instead of doing gag gifts or random $5 items that people will never use, we did acts of service. Each person gave a card which was a coupon of sorts for whatever service they were offering. For example, the one I gave was a mini-photo shoot and a cd of all the pics. Others were an hour of IT support, a home-cooked meal, and a mani-pedi. The gift I received (and fought hard for!) was help taking down my Christmas tree. I hate taking down a Christmas tree - it's depressing - so that was perfect for me. The whole party was a lot of fun, and tons of people were there.

After the party several of us decided to drive downtown to look at Christmas lights. We didn't make it to the actual square where the big tree is, but instead ended up at this building that is surrounded in very colorful trees - it's so cool! We got out, even though it was windy and really cold, and took a few pictures with the lights before heading back to Amy and Amanda's to relax after a very full night.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Very Brodie Christmas

I am LOVING having a dog! I know, you already know that, but I just have to say it again. Brodie is so great. Yes, we have certain issues, like his sock fetish and his tendency to climb baby gates if I don't double them. But for the most part, he's wonderful. I've really enjoyed him during the Christmas season. I was a bit worried about how he would do with the Christmas tree, ornaments, and presents, but he really hasn't messed with them. I did walk into the living room the morning after I put up the tree to find him lying in front of the tree, chewing on his rawhide and staring at the tree. It was so cute, like he was mesmerized by the lights! I have taken a ton of Christmasy pictures of Brodie, so here are a few of my favorites. The one with Santa was taken by a professional photographer at PetSmart on Saturday. It's actually a photo of a photo, so the quality's not so great, but I love it! Enjoy the pics, and I hope you have a very Brodie Christmas this year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Week in Georgia

Here are a few more pictures from my week and a half in Georgia for Thanksgiving. The weather was really nice for most of my time there, and the fall colors were so beautiful. They have a much better autumn than we do in Texas, so I couldn't resist taking a few pics.
Of course, the day after Thanksgiving we had to watch the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn). Unfortunately, it was really disappointing. Alabama started off so well, with a 21-0 lead, but they fell apart in the second half and lost the game by one point. :( We still worked hard at cheering on our team, shakers, houndstooth, and all.
I took a ton of photos of the dogs while I was there. Harley and Rosco are both quite photogenic. I love the last pic of Harley. He has glaucoma and his eye was quite inflamed after our trip to Alabama, so mom and I took him to the vet to have his pressure checked. I put my sunglasses on him to keep his eye from being bothered by the brilliant sunshine. :)
And ouf course, I spent time with my family. I don't have any pics of mom here, but we did a lot of shopping, decorating, and just hanging out. Dad and I hung the outside lights, and Ben and I went to see Harry Potter 7. In the evenings we'd all just gather in the living room and watch tv (until Dad fell asleep). It really was a great visit home in many ways, other than the fact that I was sick for most of it.