Christmas in Fort Worth

Last Saturday after babysitting Morgan (another post on that is coming), I drove down to Fort Worth to celebrate Christmas with my Fort Worth family - the Cypress singles of Wedgwood. We had a progressive dinner (I missed the first house but made it in time for the main course) and did a variation on the white elephant gift. Instead of doing gag gifts or random $5 items that people will never use, we did acts of service. Each person gave a card which was a coupon of sorts for whatever service they were offering. For example, the one I gave was a mini-photo shoot and a cd of all the pics. Others were an hour of IT support, a home-cooked meal, and a mani-pedi. The gift I received (and fought hard for!) was help taking down my Christmas tree. I hate taking down a Christmas tree - it's depressing - so that was perfect for me. The whole party was a lot of fun, and tons of people were there.

After the party several of us decided to drive downtown to look at Christmas lights. We didn't make it to the actual square where the big tree is, but instead ended up at this building that is surrounded in very colorful trees - it's so cool! We got out, even though it was windy and really cold, and took a few pictures with the lights before heading back to Amy and Amanda's to relax after a very full night.


Amie V said…
that's a great idea for christmas gift party things... i'll have to remember it. and the trees are great! i love the close-wrapped trees like those...

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