Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Just some pics from my road trip from Georgia back home to Texas in July. Brodie was a great travel buddy, even if he did sleep most of the drive. A highlight for both of us was our walk around the stadium at the University of Alabama - such a beautiful campus! As we left Alabama, there was a beautiful rainbow in the rear-view mirror. We had a few rough spots - mostly the hour we sat almost dead still on the interstate due to construction, and the rather sparse Motel 6 room we thought we were going to have to stay in overnight. But the trip turned out alright, and we made the drive in good time. I'm not looking forward to the next cross-country drive, though. Thank goodness I don't have to make that drive until Christmas.
The field!
Motel 6 - thank goodness we moved to a different room. This one was quite lacking. Of course, the new room wasn't fabulous, but at least it had a bedspread!

Exploring Savannah

When we went to Savannah in search of sunshine, my family stayed in a hotel in the historic district, right in the middle of all the old-time charm that characterizes Savannah, GA. What a beautiful city! I was born in Savannah, but haven't really spent any time there since then, so I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the old town, seeing all the squares, old houses, the cathedral and Gothic synagogue, the river, River Street and Talmadge Bridge, and the huge trees full of Spanish moss and crepe myrtles. I LOVED IT! If it wasn't so humid there, I could definitely see me living in Savannah. But good grief, the humidity! 
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Amazing Spanish moss
River Street

Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Boy

Tomorrow is Brodie's 4th birthday. Technically it's the 3rd anniversary of the day I got him. They didn't know his actual birthday, but said he was about a year old, so I just count the day I brought him home as his birthday. So happy birthday, my sweet 4-year-old, lovable, smiley, feisty puppy! You are so full of personality, you make me so happy. 
2013 - 4th birthday - smiley boy!
2012 - 3rd birthday
2011 - 2nd birthday (first "gotcha day")

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tybee Time

As soon as all the family left from our rainy 4th of July weekend, my family quickly packed, loaded the car, and headed off in search of sunshine. We did have rain on the drive, but when we arrived in Savannah, the weather was clear and the forecast was for heat and sun. Perfect beach weather! We spent two days at the Tybee Island beach - searching for shells, reading in the sunshine, walking the beach, swimming out to the sandbar, playing in the waves, and enjoying each other's company. It was a nice relaxing time at "Georgia's Peach of the Beach."