Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Photo Book

So Shutterfly sent me a coupon for a free 8x8 photobook, and I decided to take advantage of it! I decided to compile several of my favorite photos from my travels the last few years - California, New York City, the cruise, Scotland, England, Germany, and Dubai. It's been fun to put it together, and now I'm going to share it with you (isn't it cool that you can do this?!?!). Enjoy!

Click here to view this photo book.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Unruly Easter Bunny

After dying eggs on Saturday, we all went back to the Holmes's house to take some pictures with Bubbles. We were hoping he would be cooperative, but he wasn't too keen on having his picture taken (kind of like the girls, actually!). I did finally succeed in getting a few good pics with the girls and Bubbles together, but I tell you what, taking pictures of animals is not an easy task!

I couldn't NOT have my picture taken with the "Easter bunny"!
Oh, and Genny and I finally got a semi-decent picture together. We made Katherine stand in a chair to take a picture from a more flattering angle!

Eggstra! Eggstra! Read All About It!

"Forty-Five Dye in Ten-Handed Easter Dunking!"

In other words, Genny and the girls came over on Saturday, and the five of us quickly went about dying nearly 4-dozen eggs (it would have been 4-dozen if 3 hadn't broken). Every year the girls set about to find new and creative ways to decorate the eggs. This year the oddest new technique came with Katherine's question, "Do you have any toothpicks?" Well, I admit I was curious, so I brought out the toothpicks and she proceeded to use one like a paintbrush... She ended up with two eggs with faces and "beany" type hats that she named Fred and Ted. Very creative, that girl! We had some of the most unusual looking eggs this year. Rebecca dipped strips of paper towel in the dye and painted eggs with that. Abigail was determined to get the richest blue egg possible, and she succeeded by sitting the egg in yellow, then pink, then blue, then purple. I would have thought that would create an ugly brown mess, but it was actually a beautiful royal blue color. Genny and I were a bit more conventional. Most of her eggs were solid colors; I did some two-toned eggs, but I'm nowhere near as artistic as those girls are! The kit also came with a glitter pack, so we spruced up some of the eggs with some sparkle. It was rather messy and not easy to work with, and tended to actually fade the color of the egg, so we didn't do many, but the ones we did were pretty. Over all, it was a successful venture in dying.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Night of Praise

Tonight for our Easter Sunday night service, Wedgwood had a Night of Praise, with the worship choir joined by Anthony Evans. Man, I must say - that man has some pipes! He can sing! It was quite a moving service, especially when Anthony joined Shirley and the choir on Lord Have Mercy. That song is amazing! And Unto the Lamb was really powerful as well. I look forward to hearing that song on the cd the choir recorded last week. Anyway, I only took a couple of NoP pictures, but I did finally get a pic of the "Terrific Trio" (I think that's what Genny called us yesterday) - me, Amy Bartley, and Genny. Singing second soprano is so much fun with these two ladies, though I admit, we talk a lot more during rehearsal than we should! Sorry Wayne!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Worship gone WILD!

Last night, WILD Worship lived up to its name. For the last few weeks we've been waiting for good weather to go outside and film a video for our song, "I Am Free." The lyrics are:

I am free to run,
I am free to dance,
I am free to live for you,
I am free.

Through you the blind will see,
Through you the mute will sing,
Through you the dead will rise,
Through you all hearts will praise,
Through you the darkness flees,
Through you my heart sings I am free.

Well, last night was the night. We had a small group of kids because it was the first weekend of spring break, but that actually worked out well. Our "film crew" met us at the school next to our church, and we went WILD (well, the kids did, anyway). They had a great time running across the field (well, some of the girls weren't too crazy about that), rolling down the hill, and playing on the playground, especially the merry-go-round. Here are a few pics of my kiddos gone WILD.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paper Horrors

Well, today's the day I've been dreading ever since my paper got accepted for the regional SBL conference. The conference took place at the Marriott Hotel by the DFW airport, so Dr. and Mrs. Wolfe, Donald and I headed up there about 1:30 for my 3:00 presentation. We wanted to be able to hear the paper before mine and get an idea of the ethos in the room before I stood up to present. Well, when we got there, I decided I'd better go to the restroom (of course) before we went in the room. Bad idea, because I couldn't get my trousers zipped back up!!! And it wasn't because they're too tight. I tried and tried, and eventually said in a small voice, "Mrs. Wolfe, are you still in here?" I ended up handing her the trousers for her to try and work with the zipper, and she couldn't get it to come up, even with them off of me (that's how I know it wasn't my weight that's the issue). The zipper would come up halfway and then get stuck. What do I do? I was panicking. So she went to the front desk of the hotel and got black thread and a needle, and basically sewed me in them! From that point on I rationed my water, because I couldn't go back to the restroom! I was so embarassed. These are my brand new trousers that go with the suit I got for Christmas, and this is the first time I wore them! Needless to say, I'm getting a new zipper (and I should probably try to lose a bit of weight too, even if that wasn't the primary issue today!). I was so thankful Mrs. Wolfe decided to go along. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Anyway, other than that, the presentation went well, I think. I read the paper, and then the session chair called for questions. Nobody responded. So finally Dr. Wolfe said "Rodney, surely you have a question" (to a gentleman I later found out is the dean of a college and is working in Revelation as well). So he asked a rather unformed question, and I did my best to answer. I fielded a couple of other questions and then we were done.

After a stop at Marble Slab for ice cream on the way home, I came home, cut myself out of the offending trousers, and got ready to work on the next paper (after I finish this post, of course). My paper for my James seminar is due by Good Friday, and so I'm frantically trying to wade my way through the massive amounts of notes and collect my thoughts enough to write a coherent paper on the use of the Old Testament in James. Not an easy topic! I'm just looking forward to the end of this week, when my papers will be behind me, I can enjoy the rest of Spring, and I can take care of all the things I've been putting off as I've been writing. I'm anxious for Friday to get here, but the faster the time goes in the meantime, the less time that means I have to write!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Centennial, Southwestern!

It's hard to believe, but Southwestern Seminary is celebrating its 100 year anniversary! Actually, we get to celebrate the centennial again in 2010. You see, SWBTS was founded on March 14, 1908 in Waco, TX, but it moved to Ft. Worth in 1910. So we celebrated today, and we get to do all this again in two years (hopefully I will have graduated by then!).

So today was Founder's Day, and we had a huge celebration. We had a special Friday chapel service on the main lawn, and the previous president, Dr. Hemphill, came and preached. He's known as the "weeping president" because he always cries in his sermons, and today he didn't disappoint. It was a nice service, though it was long and quite warm out there in the sunshine (it was about 85 degrees today and there was no shade). I had on a v-neck top, and got a bit cooked. (I forgot my camera at work today, so I took a few pics with my camera phone, but can't figure out how to get them onto the computer!)

Tonight we had a huge Texas BBQ picnic for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families. It was a lot of fun just getting to enjoy the weather and spend time hanging out with friends. We had a concert on the main lawn, and topped the evening off with an incredible fireworks display over the memorial building. It was a day to celebrate SWBTS's high points in a time when all too often all that makes the news is its down side. It was a day to remember the ministry that I'm training for. It was a great way to honor the heritage of Southwestern, what it means to this community and more importantly what it does every day for the Kingdom of God. I can honestly say I'm proud to be called a Southwesterner.
(My coworker Lance and his wife Amanda)
There was quite the crowd there!
Dr. and Mrs. Wolfe

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Yet Spring

Well, contrary to what Genny thought last week, spring has not yet sprung in Texas. And today was definitely proof. At lunch I ventured out in the slushy snow/rain mixture, but later in the afternoon it was all snow, and HUGE, fat flakes blowing everywhere. It was awesome. I haven't seen snow like that in a long time. I don't think we got more than a half an inch over at the seminary, and there was barely any snow over off of Hulen, but it was enough to cancel the Drumwright lecture and dinner tonight (Professor Bauckham, the guest lecturer from St. Andrews, Scotland, found the fact that we cancelled quite amusing). It also turned SWBTS into a winter wonderland, if only briefly. The snow will likely be gone by mid-morning tomorrow, but it's sure nice while it lasts.

(And I just heard that more sleet and snow is on the way, so our winter storm may not be over yet!)

(Peter's feet must be cold!)

I am Tapestry and Mosaic

So, I found this color quiz through the Memory Makers newsletter that came out. It's really for choosing paints, but it also tells the color palette you're most drawn to and therefore most likely to use in your scrapbook pages.


I am Tapestry and Mosaic, with a side of Pop Art. In other words, I like rich palettes inspired by travel and imagination, as well as playful, saturated hues. Yep, those are pretty much the colors I use most frequently in my pages. What does your color palette say about you? Try the quiz and see...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finally started scrapbooking Scotland

Last night I finally started scrapbooking my 6 months in Scotland. I started with the easiest and most contained part - my 6-day trip to the West Coast of Scotland with Amie and Laurie last July. Since it was only 6 days, it couldn't be that many pages, right? WRONG!! We saw so many amazing sights and went so many gorgeous places that I couldn't leave anything out. According to my plan, this trip will be in its own self-contained album, and will be approximately 30 pages. I only started it last night - I did the title page and the first 2-page spread. I'm posting pics of those pages so that Laurie and Amie can see them, since it's hard to share my book with them "across the pond". (Granted the pics aren't my best. I haven't figured out a good way to photograph scrapbook pages -I'll have to look into that). But anyway, here you go. Hope you ladies enjoy. I sure enjoyed the trip, and am having a blast remembering it as I create my scrapbook.

The title page: "SCOTLAND Highlands and Islands Tour, July 1-6, 2007"

Layout 1: Oban

Journaling reads: "Our highlands and islands tour began in Oban, 'the Gateway to the Isles.' Because of an accident on the roadway, we missed our ferry from Oban, so we spent the evening there and took a 6:00 ferry the next morning. So that first evening we hiked up to the highest point in Oban, to the Coliseum at the top of the hill. It is built to resemble the Roman Coliseum, with high stone arch windows and doors. The view out to the Oban Harbour at twilight was beautiful, so peaceful and serene. THe walk up to the Coliseum was difficult, especially with my sprained ankle, but we rested along the way and enjoyed the enormous and colorful hydrangeas. Day 1 of our trip was a success, and a glimpse of the rest of the week to come."