Not Yet Spring

Well, contrary to what Genny thought last week, spring has not yet sprung in Texas. And today was definitely proof. At lunch I ventured out in the slushy snow/rain mixture, but later in the afternoon it was all snow, and HUGE, fat flakes blowing everywhere. It was awesome. I haven't seen snow like that in a long time. I don't think we got more than a half an inch over at the seminary, and there was barely any snow over off of Hulen, but it was enough to cancel the Drumwright lecture and dinner tonight (Professor Bauckham, the guest lecturer from St. Andrews, Scotland, found the fact that we cancelled quite amusing). It also turned SWBTS into a winter wonderland, if only briefly. The snow will likely be gone by mid-morning tomorrow, but it's sure nice while it lasts.

(And I just heard that more sleet and snow is on the way, so our winter storm may not be over yet!)

(Peter's feet must be cold!)


Jennie B said…
I will send you more snow if you want. We have been innundated with it here lately. I have seen green grass for the first time this week, in I would say...a month! It sure is pretty though isn't it?

Thanks for you comment!

Amie Vaughan said…
That's more snow than we've gotten here in Aberdeen... though you never know, the way the weather goes! It's kind of a bummer about the lecture with Bauckham, though... is it rescheduled? What a wasted trip that would be, ha!
Genny said…
Well, I'm definitely not a weatherman. The snow, even briefly, was great!
Barb said…
Yes, the lecture with Bauckham was rescheduled for this afternoon, so it's all good. He was funny. He kept saying he hoped it would snow so he could say he saw snow in TX. Boy, did he get his wish! I don't think he realized that TX shuts down with just the tiniest glimpse of snow.

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