Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Brodie

Just a few cute pics of my adorable Christmas puppy

My Apartment at Christmas

Just some pictures of my apartment at Christmas - I love decorating, I love Christmas ornaments, and I had so much fun getting my apartment just right this year. I put my tree up mid-November because I wanted it up when I got home from Thanksgiving so I could enjoy it. Of course the Alabama/houndstooth tree was back - we were preparing for a 15th National Championship, after all. And I was excited to have a mantle to decorate this year. It took most of the holiday season to get it set how I wanted it. I found a "Merry Christmas" banner to hang above it, which just tied everything together - it even had some houndstooth letters on it! I left my Christmas decorations up as long as I felt like I could without my neighbors thinking I was a freak. As Genny said, I was going on two months of Christmas by the time I took it all down!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fall Colors

Thanksgiving 2012

I have very few pictures from Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday morning, as we were packing up to head to my grandparents' house in Alabama, we got a call that Papaw had fallen and broken his hip. There was a lot of question whether they would do surgery that day, whether it would be total hip replacement, etc. So we hurried to get to Alabama and relieve Mamaw and Martha at the hospital. They were able to do the surgery on Wednesday before we arrived, and thankfully they were able to insert three long screws instead of doing a hip replacement. 

Because Papaw was in the hospital, we decided to postpone our Thanksgiving meal. We spent much of Thanksgiving day at the hospital, eating McDonald's for lunch - it's all we could find open! But on Friday my Uncle Steve smoked a turkey and Mom made all the fixings for a traditional meal. Papaw wasn't there, obviously, but we took him a plate in the hospital and he enjoyed it (though he enjoyed the canned peaches most of all!). 

The Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn game) was on Saturday at 2:00. Mamaw spent the morning at the hospital, but made it home in time to watch the game. It was such a blowout (in Alabama's favor) that we left after the third quarter to make the drive back to Atlanta. But we all enjoyed keeping at least one part of our Thanksgiving traditions.  

And as an update, Papaw spent almost 3 weeks in a rehab center, then came home. The rehab nurses that come to the house multiple times each week say he's doing great and should be able to make a full recovery, though right now he's most comfortable using a walker to get around.