My Apartment at Christmas

Just some pictures of my apartment at Christmas - I love decorating, I love Christmas ornaments, and I had so much fun getting my apartment just right this year. I put my tree up mid-November because I wanted it up when I got home from Thanksgiving so I could enjoy it. Of course the Alabama/houndstooth tree was back - we were preparing for a 15th National Championship, after all. And I was excited to have a mantle to decorate this year. It took most of the holiday season to get it set how I wanted it. I found a "Merry Christmas" banner to hang above it, which just tied everything together - it even had some houndstooth letters on it! I left my Christmas decorations up as long as I felt like I could without my neighbors thinking I was a freak. As Genny said, I was going on two months of Christmas by the time I took it all down!


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