Thanksgiving Week in Georgia

Here are a few more pictures from my week and a half in Georgia for Thanksgiving. The weather was really nice for most of my time there, and the fall colors were so beautiful. They have a much better autumn than we do in Texas, so I couldn't resist taking a few pics.
Of course, the day after Thanksgiving we had to watch the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn). Unfortunately, it was really disappointing. Alabama started off so well, with a 21-0 lead, but they fell apart in the second half and lost the game by one point. :( We still worked hard at cheering on our team, shakers, houndstooth, and all.
I took a ton of photos of the dogs while I was there. Harley and Rosco are both quite photogenic. I love the last pic of Harley. He has glaucoma and his eye was quite inflamed after our trip to Alabama, so mom and I took him to the vet to have his pressure checked. I put my sunglasses on him to keep his eye from being bothered by the brilliant sunshine. :)
And ouf course, I spent time with my family. I don't have any pics of mom here, but we did a lot of shopping, decorating, and just hanging out. Dad and I hung the outside lights, and Ben and I went to see Harry Potter 7. In the evenings we'd all just gather in the living room and watch tv (until Dad fell asleep). It really was a great visit home in many ways, other than the fact that I was sick for most of it.


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