I love tulips!

Meg Ryan may think that daisies are the happiest flowers, but to me, tulips are just as happy, and classier, more delicate. They are without a doubt my favorite flower. And TCU has some gorgeous tulips, planted all over the campus - all different colors, even some "parrot tulips". On Saturday I was driving past the TCU campus, and couldn't resist stopping to take a few pics while I was out. Those tulips were beautiful, so cheerful, and made me happy. Ah, spring is here...

The really cool "parrot tulips"


Sean said…
When I saw the title of this post I thought I was in for some controversial words on Calvinism. Oh well. Those are some great photos. BTW, your work with the choir is greatly appreciated. Jaquelle was so excited yesterday because she gets a bonus rehearsal next week. Choir is the highlight of her week. Thanks for serving.
Barb said…
Sean, read the subtitle of my blog - "a place for me to explore my NON-ACADEMIC side". I would never have a post about calvinism! LOL! I save the really thought-provoking writing for other venues. This blog is all about pictures and adventures (and occasionally venting). Thanks for your words about choir. Hopefully Jaquelle feels the same after the musical. She'll probably have a few extra rehearsals. But she is certainly a joy to have in choir. I love seeing her smiling back at me (one of the few who is almost always smiling).
Amie Vaughan said…
for a second there, some of those photos could have come from seaton park. ;)

those parrot tulips are weird! i can't make up my mind about them. i never would have guessed they were tulips, though... more like irises, to me. learn something new everyday. =D

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