Fort Worth Water Gardens

After our bluebonnet adventure, Amy and I met up with Amanda and headed to the Water Gardens in downtown Fort Worth. I had never been there at night, and was impressed with how pretty it was all lit up. The first thing we did was walk down into the main fountain. It is so cool! But we were all a little nervous walking down those slick steps, afraid we were going to fall. We didn't fall in though, thankfully.

Then we climbed up to the top of "the mountain," where Amanda was silly and we found a "skinny spot" (a ledge that hid our hips) and we took more pics.

After climbing back down the mountain, we headed to another fountain that was meant to look like stepping stones. I don't know that it succeeded, but it was certainly cool. I enjoyed playing with the different settings on my camera and seeing how changing one setting made the picture look entirely different.

Finally, we headed over to the quiet pool, where we were not so quiet as we became even more silly as the night went on.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with these girls, enjoying the nice spring weather before a cold front came through and made it feel like winter again. And, if you haven't been to the Water Gardens, let me recommend that you do so, both in the daylight and the dark.


Genny said…
Love the fountain pics. So cool!
Amie Vaughan said…
oooh... pretty! and i'm glad to see you have more silly subjects to photograph. not that i was ever silly, of course.
Barb said…
Amie, I think your dancing around at the fairy glen takes the cake as far as silliness goes. :)
Jennie B said…
OOOOH, thank goodness for skinny spots, if only the world had more of them where I lived, lol.

What a neat idea for a garden! So pretty and i think silly nights are great fun. If only we could have more of those too!

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