Texas Rangers "Pitch-Fest" (Otherwise known as the longest Rangers game ever)

Let's just start this post by saying the Texas Rangers are HOT right now, with the best record in baseball. And with our new Japanese pitcher, Yu Darvish, going up against former Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson, last night's game was the hottest pitcher in town. But thanks to one of my coworkers, whose daughter works for the Rangers, I was able to get tickets! Sarah, Rachel, Kathy, and I met in Arlington and quickly headed to the ballpark for a night of baseball and fun.

It was a beautiful night for a baseball game, and the Rangers quickly took a 1-nothing lead with Darvish working his magic on the mound.

And then, the rain that had been predicted all day hit with a vengeance. At first we only saw it on the other side of the ballpark, and then it seemed to almost swirl around the stadium until it reached us in far left field. We quickly moved under cover and waited it out - for nearly 2 hours!

But finally, the rain ended and they rolled back the tarp and literally shoveled up the water from the outfield. And then, the players came back on the field and the game resumed. Unfortunately, CJ Wilson decided not to return to the game. But Yu Darvish came back out and pitched nearly 6 full innings. And Josh Hamilton is on fire, hitting 2 home runs last night (after a recent game in which he hit 4 in one game!). It really was a great game, and the Rangers won 10 to 3! We stayed til the very end, and it was after midnight when the game was finally over.

One of the main reasons my friends and I usually choose to go to Friday night Rangers games is because of the post-game fireworks show. But since it was after midnight, we chose not to stick around for the fireworks (and if you know how much I love fireworks, you'll understand how hard that was for me!). Instead, we headed out to the car as soon as the game ended. But I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the fireworks over the ballpark as we walked. 

It was a really great night, made even better by the Rangers' win, but BOY was I tired when I finally made it home after 1:00 in the morning!


The Glenn Gang said…
You are more of a fan than me. I would never wait out 2 hours of rain.

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