Sights around my office

These first three photos were taken in November 2012, shortly after I moved into this new office. Compared to my old closet, this office is amazingly big! And I love it. :) 

Today, I started looking around and noticed a number of items that reflect my personality and who I am, and some of them made me laugh. So, here's a quick look around my office at what makes me me...

Salted caramel candle on a candle warmer (no open flames)

Pictures, scrapbooking, Brodie, and cards

SWBTS diplomas and dissertation

Houndstooth and Scripture

Pictures of my family and favorite pup

Pen/pencil holder made by my dad

Alabama diploma and a picture of the Crimson Tide

coaster rug from Dubai and fun mug from Target :)

And this is what made me laugh - a salt shaker that has a permanent spot on my desk!


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