Saturday, May 26, 2018

March Happenings

In March, I finally got my balcony garden put back to normal. My plants had been inside for most of the winter, but March finally brought consistently warmer weather and I felt confident that my plants wouldn't freeze outside. My apartment had actually functioned fairly well as a greenhouse - my canna lilies and Rose of Sharon were already growing strong, my sweetheart wax plant was as tall as ever, and my kalonchoe was huge! But they were all happy to get outside into the lovely sunshine. I planted some bluebonnets and other flowers for some beautiful color too.
I LOVE the donkey tail in this owl planter!
In early March, the Pikman's were kind enough to lead a Passover seder for my 7th and 9th grade students. What a treat to experience in such a tangible way the connections between the Exodus from Egypt and our deliverance from sin and death through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ! You can read the blog post I wrote for Cambridge's blog here. We have the Pikman family at Cambridge for one more year before their youngest graduates, so I hope they will do a seder for us once more in 2019.
March's celebrations of Christ's sacrifice weren't limited to Passover. On Good Friday I took some silly pics with my Easter Brodie before heading to Fort Worth to hang out with the Holmes Family. We dyed Easter eggs, one of our annual traditions, with her niece Tori and her friend, and then joined our Wedgwood family and a couple of other churches for an outdoor Good Friday service.
Love this pic of Brodie and Boomer!
Twinning :)
Communion to go?
The March weather was beautiful, so Brodie and I took advantage of it and took several canal walks. Of course, I had to snap some selfies with my boy when he was so happy and smiley. 
Here are a few other miscellaneous pics from the month of March. 
Quite a sunset!
All dressed up and nowhere to go
New wreath I made for my door
Grading on the balcony
cotton candy clouds

Sunday, May 20, 2018

February fun

February brought a few daily-life celebrations my way. The month started with a blazer fitting for Cambridge's juniors. This is a special class, and it was surreal to see them wearing senior blazers!

Valentines' Day wasn't much of a celebration, but I did make some tasty heart-shaped cookies and shared them with my furry fella. 

I was more interested in celebrating the Winter Olympics. Brodie and I dressed in our red, white, and blue and had a watch party for the Opening Ceremonies. Ashley was supposed to come over to watch with us, but she ended up at school until after 9pm, so that didn't happen. But I love watching the Olympics, so I made the most of it. 

Super Bowl weekend brought the 14th Annual Scrap-the-Superbowl party with Genny. I spent the weekend with her, and we scrapbooked Saturday evening and all day Sunday after church. We were both working on trip books, which are our favorite events to scrapbook.  

I also enjoyed a visit from my Eli at school one day. We ran around in the gym for a little while, and I wrangled him into taking a couple of selfies. As you can see from the second one, he wasn't all that interested.  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

January Adventures

January held a variety of different daily-life adventures:

January 2, driving back to Texas with Colton and Brodie

January 8, watched Alabama football win National Championship #17 after quite an exciting game and free football in overtime

January 20, Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo with the Genny, Jeff, and Genny's sister and her family

January 23, turned 41 by shopping with Genny, taking a canal walk with Brodie, and playing marbles via FaceTime with my family

Throughout the month I spent several lovely afternoons on the balcony with Brodie, spent mild afternoons at the dog park, used When Calls the Heart season 1 to ease the pain of taking down my Christmas decorations, had fun celebrating Spirit Week at Cambridge in my dad's old Army uniform jacket, and enjoyed God's creation in the form of frosty mornings and brilliant sunsets.