Halloween 2010 - Where's Waldo Edition

I always enjoy the traditions surrounding Halloween. I think it's probably because autumn is my favorite season, the weather is changing, and it's just a lot of fun. I like the creativity involved in carving pumpkins, even though I can't stand the feel of the pumpkin guts on my hands. So this year, since I was all alone, I decided to paint my pumpkin instead of dealing with all the mess of carving. I think my creation turned out quite well. :)
Cypress (Wedgwood's singles group) has a really fun tradition of having a costume party, complete with outdoor movie under the stars. This year was no different. On Saturday night, we all got decked out and headed to Dia and Egbert's for the Groovy 60's costume party. Not everyone dressed according to the theme. Amy went as Marge Simpson - her costume was GREAT and won "most creative". I went as a pirate, and let me just say that I was worried my costume was completely going to be a dud. The only reason it looked as good as it did was thanks to Genny and Abigail.
Creating Marge and Homer
Not only was I a pirate this year, so was Brodie!

One of the best costumes of the evening was Lisa's "Where's Waldo?" She played the part to perfection, popping up in random photos throughout the night (see below).


The Glenn Gang said…
hee hee

Waldo makes me laugh!

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