Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming and Kayaking

Back in April, my friend Shawn and I took our dogs to go swimming in the canals here in Valley Ranch. Brodie had never been swimming before, and I wasn't sure how he would do - are Westies water dogs? Of course, Zoey's a lab and LOVES the water, so she jumped right in, and Brodie followed with no hesitation. He was a bit shocked when he went under, but he actually had a great time swimming. His favorite thing to do was to run along the bank, either in the water or out, picking up the seaweed and throwing it. Silly boy! He's a video of Brodie swimming.

This past weekend, Rachel, Amanda, Danae, and I decided to go to White Rock Lake and kayak Saturday evening. Amanda and Danae had their own boats, and Rachel and I had groupons for cheap rentals. We actually weren't sure we would be able to get on the water, because there was a thunderstorm watch and the rental company decided not to rent any more boats. But we convinced them to wait and see if the storm passed over, and it actually never came near us. It was bright and sunny, so we were able to kayak after all. I took Brodie with me, and he played in the water while we waited for confirmation that we could rent. He was a little hesitant at first, but then he went all the way in and remembered that he does know how to swim.

Finally, about 6:45 we got on the water. Brodie was my co-captain, standing in the front of my boat. He wasn't sure what to think at first, but I think he eventually started to enjoy himself. Of course, the water was rather choppy due to the wind, and one particular wave hit us and sent Brodie overboard. Poor boy! I quickly scooped him right back up, he was fine, though he did shiver for a while - whether because he was cold or afraid, I'm not sure. He ended up falling in one other time, but for the most part he did great, tail wagging, ears perked and curious. It was a lovely evening on the water, topped off by a beautiful sunset and fellowship with good friends.