Swimming at Grapevine Lake

The other day after work, Shawn and I decided to take the dogs to the lake for a little while to let them get some exercise. It's been too hot lately to do much walking, so this is the only way they really get to run off all that energy. Traffic was a little rough on the way there, but we eventually made it, and the dogs made the most of the time in the car, sticking their heads out the window and enjoying the wind blowing through their hair/ears.

I never know how Brodie's going to react to the water. He eventually warms up to it, but sometimes he's rather hesitant at first. Not this time. He went right in, starting playing in the bushes, pulling on the branches, and snapping at the water. Meanwhile Zoey had a blast retrieving the kong aqua. That girl can swim! And Brodie actually did some good swimming too - he went out well over his head and swam a good distance (for him). I was so happy that he was obviously enjoying himself. And I was tempted to join him, because it was so hot! We didn't stay much more than half an hour, but we all had fun and the dogs were worn out, so mission accomplished. :)


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