Aunt Kathy Visits Texas

At the beginning of October I had a visit from my Aunt Kathy. Well, really, she came to town from Georgia for a conference, but conveniently her hotel was only 10 minutes from my apartment, so we got to spend lots of time together. Of course, I was so excited to introduce her to my baby. And just like everyone else, she loved him. :)
On Friday evening, after they arrived (Kathy's coworker Karen came too), I took them to opening night of the Texas State Fair. I mean, what better to do in Dallas in the fall? We had a great time eating fried foods, getting airbrushed tattoos, meeting Big Tex, visiting the petting zoo, exploring the craft booths, wandering the Midway, and riding the ferris wheel (well, Karen didn't, but I was excited that Kathy actually wanted to).On Saturday we headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards for a real taste of the West. We enjoyed a yummy barbeque lunch at Riscky's and then explored all the western stores looking for souvenirs. The only thing we missed was the cattle drive. It happened right before we got there and didn't go again until after we left. Bummer!

I was excited that my cousin Colton (Kathy's son) was able to drive in from Lubbock on Saturday afternoon to surprise his mom. He had burnt his fingers at his job, so he wasn't feeling much like doing anything active, so we just hung out at my apartment playing with Brodie, looking at scrapbooks, and watching Bama beat Florida. And then I got to see them again on Sunday for lunch before Colton left town and Kathy and Karen had to really focus on the conference.It really was a great visit. I rarely get a chance to see Kathy and Colton other than at Christmas, and if I do, it's always with lots of other family around. It was nice to spend time with them more one-on-one, though I admit it made me ready for the holidays.


Genny said…
Looks like a fun visit! Great pictures!

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