My Garden 2012

Spring Break seems to be the perfect time for spring planting. I always enjoy adding little bursts of color to my balcony - Brodie and I love spending time out there this time of year, before it gets unbearably hot. This year I was happy to find my favorite lemon zest petunias again this year, and paired them with a pretty red geranium and some snow princess filler. I did another pot of lemon symphony daisies. (Are you sensing a trend in my color choices?) 

 I'm still hoping the bluebonnets that I planted last year in the blue bucket will come back this year. There's a chance - today I saw a tiny green sprout! I'll keep it watered and see what happens. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have a bucket of dirt for a little while. 
 Oh, and I hung my hummingbird feeder as well - we'll see if I get any tiny visitors. That would be so fun!


Genny said…
Gorgeous! Here's hoping the bluebonnets return.
Erin said…
We used to have a hummingbird feeder growing up, it was so fun watching them. Hope you get some!

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