PhD is PhDONE!

Last Friday (May 10), I finally received my PhD in New Testament Studies from Southwestern Seminary. I can't believe it took 8 years, especially since I went into it already knowing the topic of my dissertation. I blame my move and job change in August of 2009 for losing momentum and about a year-and-a-half of progress. But in the end, I finished it, passed the defense, and graduated! I had lots of family come into town for graduation - Mom, Dad, and Ben, of course; Aunt Kathy and Uncle David, and even Mamaw. It was so fun to have them all here. Mamaw even stayed at my apartment. 

The ceremony was in the new chapel at SWBTS. Doctoral students walked in immediately after the faculty and had the best seats in the room, right up front. 
Look at the second row from the bottom of the photo - that's my family!
Receiving my hood from Dr. Klein and Dr. White
Heading out from SWBTS and into whatever the Lord has in store next!
After the ceremony, I met up with my family and friends in the bright muggy sunshine for photos. Oh my word, it was HOT in that robe! I was sweating like crazy! But it was lots of fun to celebrate with the people who have supported me throughout this long process.
With Dr. Hoskins, my second supervisor.
Mrs. Neely, mother of two of my Cambridge students
All of my family who came into town for graduation. So thankful for them!

After sweating for a while, we headed back inside the chapel for a few more photos and to sit in the air-conditioning while Dad and David went to get the car.  

It was such a special day! And at the same time, I'm so thankful it's over. :) Just call me Dr. Barb, because my PhD is PhDONE!


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