What I'm enjoying this Summer so far...

1. Lazy summer afternoons by the pool - I love coming home from work around 2:00 and heading poolside for a couple of hours of sunshine.

2. Delicious homegrown tomatoes - both cherry tomatoes and the biggest tomato I've ever grown! And they're still producing, which makes me really happy.
 3. Time on my balcony, enjoying my "garden" and the fun patio lights Dad and David put up while they were here. It's Brodie's favorite place, and one of mine as well.
 4. Graduations galore! Not only my own but Cambridge's, where we celebrated an awesome senior class, and Rebecca's, where I realized how grown up my "little sister" is!
 5. Swimming with my Brodie boy in the Holmes's pool. He had a blast, even diving off the diving board about 10 times in a row!
 6. Scrapbooking! Oh, how I've missed scrapbooking! I have been flying through my current album (still working on 2009, unfortunately). I also went to the Scrapbook Convention with Genny and completely organized my scrapping room.
 7. Sunsets -  I love to see how creative God is with the colors in the evening sky. No two sunsets are the same!
 8. Sonic dates, canal walks, and just being goofy with the best puppy in the world.

 I can't wait to see what the rest of this summer holds!


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