December Ice Storm

Back in early December, north Texas was hit by a winter storm that dumped over half an inch of ice on the DFW metroplex. That doesn't sound like much, but it was ice, not snow, and it was Texas, where everything shuts down for just a few snowflakes. The ice started falling on Thursday afternoon; school was closed on Friday and Monday, and I didn't leave the house for nearly four full days other than to take Brodie out to potty. It wasn't just icy, it was COLD! It looked pretty, but it wasn't all that fun to play in since it was literally like a skating rink. I almost busted it at the bottom of my stairs one morning taking Brodie out. We did brave it for a short walk and a few pictures in the winter wonderland on Sunday, when the weather started warming up a tad. But mostly I enjoyed the forced down time by finishing my Christmas decorating, wrapping presents, staying warm by the fire, and resting. It was a lovely, if unexpected, mini-vacation.
Love my camouflaged little puppy!

And this is what you get when your dog has three days worth of cabin fever and pent-up energy and is then freed to run around like crazy with his best dog-pal - what a nut!


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