Summer Days, Post #1

A blogger I read is doing a challenge to post one photo a day during the summer. I've done a photo-a-day challenge before for a full year, which ended up being more of a burden than anything else. But I can handle it for a summer, so here is my Summer Days, post #1, starting with the day after graduation:

Day 1: Starting the summer with a new, shorter haircut PLUS BANGS!

Day 2: I spent two days scrapbooking with Genny. Brodie spent two days chasing squirrels in her backyard. This is how exhausted he was on the drive home.

Day 3: Storm-watching out on the balcony

Day 4: Did some more scrapbooking. I'm almost finished with 2011!

Day 5: Me and my boy, showing off our new haircuts

Day 6: Sad news about the death of Maya Angelou. I remembered that she was the special guest at a concert I sang in during college - and was actually able to put my hands on the program!

Day 7: My little beggar!

Day 8: Beautiful sky on the drive home from work

Day 9: Doing a little pool-side research for my upcoming trip 

Day 10: Brodie hanging out in his happy place on the balcony


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