Bark in the Park 2014

Well, I'm a bit behind on my blog. Back in JUNE, my friend Kathy and I decided to take Brodie to see a Rangers game for Bark in the Park. Man, there were a lot of dogs there! There were dogs with painted on leopards' spots, dogs wearing tutus, dogs dressed in their owners' Rangers jerseys, and all sorts of other craziness. It was so much fun, even though it was insanely hot.  

We got our tickets from the will-call line and walked right in to the "puppy parade". Two years before was Brodie's first Bark in the Park, so we had already been on the field once. But Kathy, the biggest Rangers fan I know, has never been on the field before. She was so excited and like a kid in a candy store. I really enjoyed experiencing that with her. 

After the puppy parade, we headed up to find our seats. They were good seats, in the lower level in left field. Unfortunately, those seats were in the intense sun for a good portion of the game. We were so hot and sweaty! I took Brodie's bandana and dipped it in the ice water of one of the beer vendors walking around and wrapped it around his neck to help him get cool, and at one point I draped a towel over the seats and let him rest in the shade under it. Even in the heat, though, it was obvious he enjoyed himself. He loved hanging out with Kathy - he kept trying to sit in her lap, even in the crazy heat. 
I love experiencing fun new adventures with my favorite puppy in the world! And the Rangers won, so that made it even better.


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