Christmas 2016

We spent Christmas at my parents' house in Peachtree City this year. Kathy, David, Layton, Holley, Karen, Phillip, and Savannah all came down. One of the things I was excited to do was take Layton on a night golfcart ride through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. On Christmas Adam, I made that happen. We bundled up, Layton put on his Rudolph nose to light the way, and off we went! When we got home, we headed out to the bonfire for some warmth and some smores. Mom, Kathy, and I finished the evening warm and cozy in our matching Christmas leggings by the tree.

On Christmas Eve, Ben and I ran a few errands together and stopped by the historic Starr's Mill, then met up with Mom, Dad, and Layton at the playground where we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.
Christmas Eve night, we got dressed up and went to church, then went home and played Christmas games.

We woke up on Christmas morning ready to eat our yummy Krispy Kreme donuts (it's a tradition!) and open presents. We got a bit of a late start because Ben was sleeping hard, but we eventually saw all that Santa brought. As the day progressed, we just relaxed, played with our new "toys", took Layton outside to enjoy his Santa gifts, ate the traditional Christmas lunch, and enjoyed each other.

After all the company left, my family got dressed and went over to Starr's Mill for our annual Christmas photo shoot. It's one of my favorite spots in Peachtree City, and makes for great photos. We had planned to take the whole crew over on Christmas day, but time got away from us, so this year we only ended up with pics of the four of us. I think they turned out nicely though.

All in all, my time in Georgia was full of family, fun, and holiday traditions. 


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