State Fair 2017 with the Kelly Kids

The Texas State Fair is one of my favorite fall traditions (even though it rarely feels like fall, and this year was no exception). My coworker Ashley and I had a conversation about how her husband doesn't like going to the fair. Next thing I knew, her four-year-old, KJ, asked me if I would go to the fair with him - um, absolutely! So Ashley, KJ, Amaiya, and Eli, and I decided to go on a Sunday afternoon - it was quite warm and crowded, though I've been when the crowds were worse. 

Our first stop was the free petting zoo. Sadly, the baby giraffe was not there this year - he must have grown too tall! But we saw pigs, kangaroos, lots of goats, a heilan coo, alpacas, emus, and several other animals. The kids LOVED feeding the goats!

We played on the John Deere tractors and the kids rode a few rides.

The biggest adventure of the day was riding the Texas Star - the kids had never been on a ferris wheel before, but they really enjoyed it. We took selfies, looked at the crowds below, waved to the people in the other cars, and had a lot of fun.
Me and my "date", KJ
Me and "my Eli"
Look at all those people!
Ashley and her beautiful children
Me and sweet Amaiya
I love these kiddos!
So thankful for Ashley's friendship
We basically walked around the entire fair grounds twice by the time the afternoon was over, so we had two opportunities to take photos with Big Tex. Somehow I missed getting Ashley in one of these.

And what's the most well-known part of the Texas State Fair? The FOOD, of course! KJ really wanted a corny dog (he only ate about half of it). Amaiya chose cotton candy, Ashley searched out the corn on the cob, and I had my annual Twister Tater, which I shared with the kids. Eli had some of everybody's - he really enjoyed the corn.
Don't you usually eat corn on the cob like this?

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with the Kelly kids and their mom. They are such well-behaved children, and the sweetest!


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