My fortune

My fortune from lunch at Pei-Wei today [actually my third fortune - I kept eating fortune cookies until I got a fortune I liked =)] was:

"A dream you have will come true."

Great news! Now I just want to know which dream and when. Details, I need details!!!!


Genny said…
This is so funny. Last night we had Chinese and Abigail opened every fortune cookie trying to find one that she liked!
bartleywedgies said…
Very cute pics - even the out takes are really cute. We should have taken you up on the offer for our fam - see blog.
Paige said…
My favorite fortune that I ever got: "In your lifetime, you will eat many more fortune cookies."
amie said…
Does it really count if you pick your own fortune? If so, then you can pick which dream... ;)

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