The Year in Review

After reading Genny's post on the year in pictures, I decided it would be fun to do a review of my 2007 in pictures, especially since I had such an eventful year. Unfortunately it's taken me two weeks to complete this post! But anyway, hear it is, finally - 2007 in pictures:

Said goodbye to Texas...
and hello to Scotland!

Enrolled as a student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland
MARCH 2007
Mom, Dad, Ben, and Papa visited Scotland/England for 2 weeks

APRIL 2007
Easter in Banchory

MAY 2007
Met Debbie for a weekend in Munich/Bavaria

JUNE 2007
Visited Joanna in Dubai for 5 days

JULY 2007
Scotland Highlands and Islands trip with Amie and Laurie
Said goodbye to Scotland
Returned to USA

Returned to work and class at SWBTS
Christmas in Reverse August Kick-Off

Study (no pics)

Study (no pics)

Directed Wild Worship in AM Worship service
Thanksgiving in Georgia
Christmas in Reverse presentation
Christmas in Georgia with family

There you have it. There's no way I could include all the many things that I did and places I saw while I was in Scotland. If you're interested, check out my Scotland blog at for details on all my many adventures. For 2008, one of my goals is to scrapbook all the photos from 2007 - Dubai (almost completed), Munich, and 6 months in Scotland will probably fill about 10 scrapbooks! Another goal is to take some pictures every month, which means I have to DO something photo-worthy every month. I don't want to have months of "darkness" where all I did was study (like September and October of 2007). There's no way 2008 could be as exciting as 2007, but I pray it is a good year. Who knows, perhaps this year there will be developments in my personal life rather than just travel experiences... God willing!!!


Melissa said…
Wow, that sounds even more full reading it in short form and that year must have provided for some of the most amazing pictures ever. Can't wait to see them all (or even some of them) in scrapbooks, although they were so pretty that they didn't really need a scrapbook page to add anything to them at all. Still-gotta love a great scrapbook page!

My year was full, just sort of depressing and nothing but a couple of musicals to provide some pretty all right pictures. I did apparently get the only piture of the glowing nativity scene with the star. Haven't printed it yet but it looks good on the computer.
Barb Isbell said…
Well, we now have Super Dave's pictures and my pictures of Christmas in Reverse. Still need to get yours, Melissa, and those that Brenda took. Then we can have a full cd of pics. Can't wait to see that "glowing nativity scene". Will you be here Sunday?
Melissa said…
Yes, I'll be there this weekend(and on Sunday). Our home is hosting a bunch of 8th grade boys for D-Now - as if I'm not surrounded by enough males constantly - no matter where I am! But I told Michael I'd help do the hosting - whatever that involves. Thank goodness for Michele - my little ray of sunshine and break from all things male. But she'll be somewhere else all weekend!

I'll have Michele put my pictures on a CD before we come. Is someone going to try to put them all on one? I've seen Dave's when Jeremy had it but I'd like copies of all of them too. He had some really cool ones.
Barb Isbell said…
Well, Melissa, glad you'll be here this weekend. Genny and I will be at Children's Choir University this weekend, but we'll see you on Sunday. Yes, I plan to put all the pics on one cd for the leaders. I have mine and Jeremy's, so I'm just waiting for the others. You'll certainly receive a copy.
Genny said…
Just call you World Traveler! Great year. And, I'll be praying for developments in your personal life as well.

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