Christmas Pics, 2007

Here are a few Christmas pictures from 2007. Usually, we do family pictures in front of the tree and everybody gathers around taking pictures. That means that nobody ends up looking at the same camera. This year I set up my camera on Dad's tripod and had a "portrait studio" on Christmas Eve. At random times I would have groups come in to the formal living room and I would take pictures. I think they turned out pretty good, though the lighting wasn't the best. I'll have to work on that.

Our tree, all decked out with lights and presents

Aunt Kathy, Uncle David, Holley, Judd, and Colton My cousin Melissa, Larry, and their kids, Lindsey and Grant Lindsey and "Kat Kat"
Me and my cousins Holley and MelissaMom, her sister Kathy, and PapaMom and DadMe and MomMe and my brother, Ben


Genny said…
Very nice pics. Love the one of the tree and the one of you and Ben.

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