Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Christmas!

We went to my Papa's house in Augusta for Christmas. We had so much luggage and presents and other stuff we had to take that there was no room for Harley to go along. Plus, it was just better for him to stay home. But HE didn't think so! When we opened the hatch to start packing, he jumped up in the back and sat there like "you're NOT leaving me here!" Dad would make him get out, and as soon as he turned his back to pick up a suitcase, Harley would jump back in. It was so funny!
Christmas Eve we had our traditional party at Papa's house. All the extended family stops by, as well as longtime family friends, and we have a good time fellowshipping and, of course, eating. Bill and his son brought their guitars and gave us an impromptu concert in Papa's living room.

Santa always stops by on Christmas Eve, and we sing songs and give him our last-minute wish list. We have the best Santa ever!
Christmas morning started with our traditional breakfast - Krispy Kreme donuts! Nothing like starting off Christmas with a sugar high. After breakfast we opened presents and had a pretty lazy morning. The rest of the family came over for the big Christmas lunch - turkey, dressing, macaroni, greenbean casserole, ham, etc. Oh, and yummy carrot cake for lunch!
After dinner we did our ornament exchange - we do it like white elephant where you can steal ornaments from one another. At one point David ended up with two angels, and he hung them from his ears like earrings. Crazy! Then we played games - trivia, Christmas charades, boggle. We love to play games together. It was a great time of hanging out and just enjoying family.


Amie Vaughan said...

poor harley... looks like he missed out on a great time! is it bad that the thing i was most jealous of were the krispy kreme donuts?

of course, games and food and present swaps are more fun with big groups of loved ones, so i'm a bit jealous of that, too. =D

Genny said...

Nice scarf.