Six Flags - Holiday in the Park

Wow! I'm almost 2 weeks behind in my blogging! Let's start the catch-up with the night before I left for home for the holidays. My friends and I had been trying to figure out when we could make it to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park, and we finally were able to go on the Friday before Christmas. After a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A, we hit the park for some chilly roller coaster riding. The park was beautiful, all decorated for the Christmas season with lights everywhere, a huge tree at the entrance, a sledding hill, and even snow falling in certain locations (actually it was artificial snow, but who cares!?).
When we were at Six Flags in October, the Titan was not running, so we made sure we got to ride it this time. This is one of the best roller coasters I've ridden, but despite my best efforts, I couldn't get Amy to ride. Amanda did ride it with me, her first time to ride it, and I think she enjoyed it even though she screamed the whole time. Man, let me tell you - we were flying, and it was COLD with the wind in our faces. But it was SO FUN!!!
We also enjoyed riding the swings, being silly and taking lots of pics. I love how this first one turned out - I took it while waiting for our turn, and it's so neat with that pair of phantom legs. Weird!
We ended the evening sledding down Frosty's Snow Hill. It really wasn't much of a hill, but it was still fun to play in the snow and be a kid again for a little while.


Amie Vaughan said…
amusement park + christmas = amie very jealous. =D

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