Prairie Lights

Last night Amy, Amanda and I headed down to view some more Christmas lights. We went to this drive-through/walk-through presentation called Prairie Lights.

The drive-through part was fun but not all that impressive. But when we braved the FRIGID cold (and I do mean FRIGID!) to experience the walk-through, it was so fun! We got to walk through a forest of lights. Had it not been so cold, I think it would have been so much more crowded. But we had the place almost all to ourselves. We didn't spend too much time out there, since we got to the point that we could barely feel our fingers and toes, but it was definitely worth the time we did spend.

After the walk-through, we warmed up a bit watching the rather corny Christmas lights show, and then headed out to finish with the really cool drive-through tunnel of lights! The sign said to stay in your car, but because we were almost the last people out of there, we decided to brave it and get out for a few more pics. It was so cool! (though we almost got runover by a crazy driver).
(this last one was taken as we drove under)

So, Prairie Lights was lots of fun, and I always have a good time with Amy and Amanda. I'd just recommend, if you go to Prairie Lights, that you go on a week night because it's $30 on the weekend, and I'd recommend you skip the movie, even though it snows in it. Otherwise, lots of fun and very festive!


Amie Vaughan said…
oh my life. i love it! i want to see lights like that... aberdeen just doesn't quite compare. =D

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