I'm Dreaming of an iPod Christmas

This year was definitely an iPod Christmas! Ben and I both asked for iPod touches - his was his first iPod ever, and mine replaced my old Nano. We both received them - what great gifts!
Mom wanted to inherit my Nano, so I wrapped it up for her to open on Christmas morning too. Of course, I had nothing on it but Christmas music, which suited her just fine. I get my love of Christmas music honestly. :)
After she opened it, she handed Papa an earbud so he could listen to a song. He took that iPod from her and listened to Christmas music for most of the rest of the day! We didn't think she was ever going to get it back. He sure did enjoy that music.


Amie Vaughan said…
ahhhh... spreading the ipod love, i see. i just spent a good chunk of yesterday putting all my music and audio books and whatnot onto my mega ipod classic. it's still only half full. ;)
Genny said…
Your Papa is so cute! He's really enjoying the music.

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