A Weekend of Christmas Celebrations

This weekend was a busy one, full of Christmas celebrations. I left work on Friday evening and headed straight to Allen to attend the FBC Allen Christmas concert with Katie and Luke. We didn't stay for the whole program, because it was past Luke's bedtime, but it was fun to get together. Luke was so cuddly during the program, snuggling right up next to me on the pew. Such a sweety!

Saturday evening was the Cypress Christmas party at Amy and Amanda's. They had their house all decorated, and we had all sorts of good food and desserts. We did the traditional white elephant game - I ended up with a pink snuggie - and then played other games while some people talked outside by the fire pit (brr!). It was a great time of friends and fellowship.
Josh opened the snuggie first, but I ended up with it.
Of course, we had to stop for a minute to watch Mark Ingram win the Heisman. ROLL TIDE!
Then, Sunday evening Kristen and I went to Prestonwood for their Christmas concert. Woah! It was a full-fledged production, with flying angels, an Elvis impersonator, the Oak Ridge Boys, and a ginormous choir and orchestra. It was really good! I had never been to Prestonwood before, but I found out that it's only 20-25 minutes from my new apartment, so I may end up considering them as my new church home. It's a HUGE church (I think Kristen said 20,000 members!) but of course that means lots more people to meet and events to participate in. I'm going to give it a try anyway. I didn't take any pics during the performance, but couldn't resist a few pics of the giant Christmas tree outside their doors. All in all, it was a fabulous weekend enjoying the most wonderful time of the year and celebrating the reason for the season!


Amie Vaughan said…
dang. that is some huge church!

a snuggie?! that's not a white elephant gift... that's a real good gift! =D

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