Cooper Lake

On Memorial Day weekend, a group of my friends decided to go camping at Cooper Lake, about 2 hours from here. Now, I'm not sure what possessed them to camp in the 90 degree heat. I decided I wasn't up to sleeping in the heat, but I did drive up on Saturday to spend the day with them at the lake. We spent most of the day hanging out at the beach area, enjoying the feel of our feet in the sand, soaking up the rays, cooling off in the water, and playing on Amanda and Amy's kayaks.

As the afternoon went on, Bethany and I went out exploring in the kayaks. We started out just puttering around in the beach area, but then we headed off to the backwaters. It was so amazing! It got cooler and so quiet as we got into the shady areas, and we relished being away from the crowds and enjoying God's creation... oh, and laughing at each other's antics.

It was a fabulous day of cooking out, lazing in the hammocks, enjoying the summer, and fellowshipping with great friends. This is what summer is all about!


Amie V said…
i love camping. i'm glad you had a good day at the lake. i miss that, too. =)

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