German Adventures, Day 3 - Riessersee

On our third day in Germany, Ben and I decided to rent bicycles and ride up to a pristine little alpine lake called Riessersee. We got outfitted at Edelweiss and hit the road. At first the ride wasn't so bad, but then we hit the mountain, and the trail went straight up! Needless to say, we walked the bikes up that hill. It was tough work, and HOT (mid 80s and quite humid), but when we got to the lake, it was so worth it.
The water was crystal clear and so still, the mountains and sky reflected in it beautifully. We rode around the lake a couple of times, sat and enjoyed a snack on the bank, and then headed back down to town.
That day we were treated with a variety of fantastic views of the mountains, including the hill where mom and dad first learned to ski (the first picture below).


Amie V said…
bikes are great, except uphill, ha! it's gorgeous, though! glad it was worth it. =D

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