Introducing Brodie!

If you've been following me on facebook at all, you know that I have been wanting to adopt a dog for a while, but I've been waiting for the right time. I decided that this summer, after my Germany trip, would be perfect. So I've been searching on petfinder, craigslist, and all sorts of other websites for a dog. My family has always had big dogs, but since I live in an apartment, a big dog is just not a good idea. I fell in love with the Westie (West Highland White Terrier) when I lived in Scotland; they're definitely my favorite small breed. One website I read said they are a small dog that thinks they're 150 pounds. So, I decided a Westie would be the breed for me. Unfortunately, they're in high demand, and the Westie Rescue and Scottie Rescue organizations wouldn't adopt to me because I live in an apartment and the dog would be crated while I work. I have had a HARD time finding a dog to adopt - three times I thought I found one and it was adopted out from under me. The last time was on Monday, when two one-year old westies in Granbury were adopted from the sherrif's office before the website said they were available. I was almost ready to give up on the search. Then, Thursday night I decided to check petfinder again just to see. And two one-year old westies showed up at another shelter in Granbury. They weren't on the website Wednesday, but there they were on Thursday night. I quickly contacted Genny and she and the girls agreed to ride with me down to the shelter to check them out. They were named McDuff and McRuff on the website, and I was already leaning towards McRuff. So, Friday morning we headed down to Granbury (about 45 minutes south of Ft. Worth) and waited anxiously for the shelter to open. I was trying not to get my hopes up, in case things didn't work out again, but I really was hoping. We were the first customers in the shelter, and she said they were still available. Yay! I walked out to the pen, and even though all the other dogs out there (and there were a lot!) were barking, including McDuff, McRuff never said a word! He just put his paws up on the fence and looked out at me like "Hi! Are you gonna take me home?" He would cock his head when I talked to him, and you could see the intelligence in his eyes. The owner of the shelter said he's smaller than his brother because McDuff tends to hog the food, water, toys, etc. But he's so sweet! So I filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, and he's mine! I can't bring him home until next Friday because he has to get fixed, cleaned up, and have some shots/heartworm tests, but less than a week and he'll be home!
I decided to name him Brodie McRuff, and call him Brodie. Brodie is the name of one of the other dogs I tried to adopt, but I really liked the name, and Brodie Croyle was a Bama quarterback a couple of years ago. It's also a Scottish word. I decided to keep the name McRuff as a second name, because it's just too cute. And with the Mc, it sounds Scottish. And since Westies are Scottish dogs, he needs a good Scottish name. Maybe his Auntie Amie will send him a tartan bandana. ;)
Oh, and I checked this morning, and McDuff has also been adopted, so I'm glad that he won't be left behind.
(Brodie on left, McDuff on right)


LeAnn said…
I had a Westie growing up and loved him! So glad for your new furry friend and I know you'll love having a companion that gives unconditional love. (Make sure to get a Furminator brush--they are the best for dogs that shed like Brodie. A worthwhile investment for sure!)
Welker World said…
Girl I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see what kind of fun adventures you will have to share with your new friend.
Amie V said…
auntie amie is on the search for the perfect brodie accessories... =D

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